Real Pain, Real Fear, Real Tears and Real Extreme BDSM.

The bruises, the welts and the tears are all real, nothing is staged. Join us and witness the extreme BDSM action other sites are afraid to show

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Nov-06-2013 We're happy to announce that we've recovered and uploaded some lost footage of Rayne and Elise Graves! It's one incredible shoot featuring a very voyeuristic Elise watching as Rayne suffers terrible abuse, including getting her holes reamed out with giant dildos and anal beads.

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Bound up Stone

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bondage and a little padding to end the day

Porn Inspector Reviews

Pain Toy offers a deep look into the world of discipline. A dozen sadists not only will bring these girls to their knees, but they will strap them in place and torture them with every type of device known to inflict pain. - Porn Inspector
If you are at all into BDSM I can't endorse a visit to this page enough. - Janes Guide
What you will find is original photos and videos of genuine BDSM players participating in spankings, canings, whippings, bondage and discipline, watersports and severe sadomasochism. - Carnilia Review
One of the best true spanking/BDSM websites we have seen. Ran by the sadist Alebeard and his cohorts, Paintoy produces outstanding spanking and BDSM content. Everything is included here: BDSM, spankings, canings, whippings, paddlings, sadomasochism and corporal punishment. Galleries upon galleries of spanking/BDSM pictures and videos, pay per view videos, cd's, and more! Excellent content, easy navigation and a great collection of gorgeous slaves who can take a real punishment make this site stand out from the rest! This is one webmaster who wouldn't mind taking his turn with Carmen! What a hot little Paintoy she makes! -
If you don't check out this site the folks with the whips will beat your ass! - The Best Porn
A very fine collection of quality Spanking BDSM material found here, in the members section. Picture quality is high, resolution is sharp and colors are vivid. We just like that here! The best thing about this site is the honesty in the pictures - the girls just really ARE true submissive's. The sessions have a genuinity that I appreciate a lot - who isn't tired of watching low quality stuff featuring non-lifestyler's in amateur sessions! So this site is quite a relief. - Fetish Engine
No pale marks for these people; they are serious BDSM players and their whipping and caning photography is not for the faint of heart. - Spanking Blog
One of the best spanking and BDSM sites we have seen. This site is huge, containing galleries upon galleries of hardcore, spanking and bondage pics and videos. The videos come in both RealPlayer and WMV format, as well as the ability to purchase their content on CD. Site also has some great info and philosophies on the BDSM lifestyle. Updated weekly! Membership site protected by Epoch. - Spanking Directory
They do things with single tail whips, and canes, and sore bottoms, and exposed breasts, that make my eyebrows go all the way up (not to mention making Bethie shriek and hide her eyes until I make the nasty mean pictures go away). For all that, their photography is some of the best I have seen, and their models are lovely, willing, and often even cheerful. - Spanking Blog